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Wroclaw helps catch rainwater in a sustainability bid

Wroclaw helps catch rainwater in a sustainability bid

Skilful use of rainwater is sustainable and also brings economic benefits

The City of Wrocław launches a pilot grant program - Catch Rain (Złap Deszcz). The programme allows you to set up a rain garden and apply for financing for up to 80% of the expenses related to the implementation of the task, or a maximum of 5,000. zł. 

Rainwater is the best free source of water. By sustaining the natural water cycle, households have a positive influence on microclimate and biodiversity. Skilful use of rainwater also brings economic benefits, estimate from the Polish city. Therefore, they have launched the programme in attempt to stimulate the locals to collect it.

Furthermore, collection of rainwater relieves drainage, reduces maintenance costs, and its use can reduce drinking water consumption by up to 50%. It is also worth remembering that rainwater management is the basic mechanism of adaptation to climate change. All methods that stop precipitation at the place of its occurrence, reduce the risk of flooding and mitigate the effects of drought, the announcement continues.

The changing climate means that we are increasingly witnessing extreme weather phenomena, from heavy rains to long-lasting droughts. In developed cities, this generates problems of excessive heating and lack of water for plants, and less water gets into the ground. That is why we propose to the residents a program that on the one hand is a development of the zero-waste idea that we promote in our city, but also helps to meet the climate change, explains Adam Zawada, vice-president of Wrocław.

The city hopes that the pilot grant program "Catch rain" will help Wroclaw residents manage rainwater more effectively on their own property. "We hope that more farms will start using rainwater for economic purposes, such as for watering their own gardens, while limiting the consumption of drinking water for such purposes," believes Małgorzata Brykarz, director of the Office of Water and Energy of the City Office of Wrocław.

During a ten-minute rain from the roof with an area of ​​120 sq m, you can collect about 180 litres of water. This is more or less as much as you need, for example, for washing the car three times.

Applications can be submitted at the secretariat of the Office of Water and Energy - ul. Świdnicka 53, first floor, room 106.



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