wroclaw electric bus, Source: City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is testing a latest model electric bus

Wroclaw is testing a latest model electric bus

The first passenger of the ECitaro by Mercedes was the mayor Jacek Sutryk

Wroclaw is currently testing a new and eco-friendly mobility option. As the local authority reported, the latest model of the Mercedes electric bus has been running on the streets of the capital of Lower Silesia since 7 May. The first passenger to board the vehicle was the mayor Jacek Sutryk.

Modernisation of public transport in Wroclaw

On Thursday, the e-bus embarked on its first journey on the streets of Wroclaw. From its deck, the mayor of the city reported daily activities of the city with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. The bus can be seen on routes 143 and 111 for a trial period of one month.

As the local authority reports, the ECitaro is not just an electric bus, but a vehicle of a completely new generation. It is equipped with axle load sensors that record data and transmit passenger information which allows adapting the setting of the interior temperature automatically.

The bus fits 82 passengers, with 28 of them, seating. The model is low-floor and air-conditioned. The boarding is done through three entrances in the 2-2-2 layout.

According to Mercedes’s website, their new Citaro bus is an electric vehicle for cities of a new generation. One of its key advantages on top of its emission-free drive is that it is practically noiseless, which would certainly make a difference in a big city like Wroclaw.

Wroclaw searching for funding for more sustainable fleet

MPK Wrocław, the public transport operator, currently has 167 buses in its fleet that meet the strict EURO6 combustion standards. It has 329 buses in total and uses a hundred vehicles of subcontractors.

Last year, too, MPK tested non-emission buses such as Mercedes-Benz Conecto NGT and Solaris Urbino 12 Electric. The city is now testing eCitaro and is working on obtaining external financing for the purchase of zero-emission buses, explained Mr Sutryk for the municipal portal.

Hopefully, very soon the picturesque Polish city will see the sustainable transformation of its transport fleet.



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