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WWF and Urban Future team up to present winners of One Planet City Challenge

WWF and Urban Future team up to present winners of One Planet City Challenge

It’s the now-traditional competition among global cities to meet the standards of the Paris Agreement

The Urban Future conference is fast approaching, and the good news is rolling in. WWF will announce the winners of its One Planet City Challenge during the premier event for urban sustainable transformation.

The winning cities will be presented at Urban Future on 2 June during the session ‘Visionary: Leading change. How to unleash your power to drive change’. There is already a shortlist of cities from all over the globe, including cities from 5 EU countries: France, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and Finland.

Urban Future itself is part of the grand H22 Expo in Helsingborg

“We at WWF are excited to partner with Urban Future – we have a shared focus on action, especially transformative, focused action to combat climate change and build a One Planet Future where we can all thrive in harmony with nature. Our One Planet City Challenge is all about cities showing leadership in this transition and we are looking forward to announcing the OPCC winners at Urban Future’s event,” says Carina Borgström-Hansson, head of WWF Cities.

WWF has described the competition as “friendly” and as a nudge and incentive to cities from around the world to accelerate their climate transformation and share good practices with each other. WWF reviews cities’ progress and assesses whether actions align with the Paris Agreement.

Joining the Challenge is an ideal way for cities to keep themselves motivated to make needed and desired changes. Over the past ten years, almost 600 cities from 53 countries and five continents have participated. It is the largest and longest-running challenge of its kind.

Cities participating in the challenge can enjoy support programmes from WWF and a raised profile and reputation on a global scale. The aim of the organization is to present their successes at future major climate events, such as COP26.

We remind you that Urban Future is Europe’s leading event for making cities sustainable and is taking place on 1-3 June 2022, in Helsingborg, Sweden. The conference itself is meant as the headline event for the larger H22 Expo organized by the Swedish city.

Urban Future is where doers and thought leaders, such as NGOs, entrepreneurs, experts, mayors, city planners, developers, and concerned citizens get together to bring about palpable change.



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