Year of Reading begins in Sheffield

Year of Reading begins in Sheffield

The year-long event is set to be a celebration of creativity and writing

The Sheffield City Council will be kicking off 2020 with a bang. On 15 January, Sheffield’s Year of Reading is set to begin – it will be a celebration of creativity and all things written, aiming to promote the practice and present citizens with many opportunities to sink their teeth deep into a book that they might enjoy.

The City Council is really taking the initiative to heart – ready to help people get inspired and return to reading “The Year of Reading will inspire us all about what reading can do for every one of us and the huge benefits that it brings to our everyday lives; how a story can take you to a faraway place in your head, imaginary or otherwise, or how reading a technical manual can help you build something amazing that you’ve never built before. How reading an autobiography can help inspire you to change your plans or fill you with admiration, or how a Sci-Fi read can help you escape you into mysterious and fantastic worlds.” 

Themes, competitions and opportunities to have fun

Sheffield’s Year of Reading is based on four key themes – “Only Human”, “Rebellion”, “Creation” and “Exploration” and will be kicked off at a special ceremony at the Sheffield Central Library.

During said ceremony, a competition will also be launched – “Sheffield’s Favourite Reads” – it will serve as the perfect stepping stone for people wishing to get back into the habit of reading. Throughout the first couple of months of 2020, citizens of Sheffield will be able to nominate their favourite book and will earn the chance to win a £100 book token. Nominations are open until 31 March and one can be made either online or at your local library.

Furthermore, throughout the year, the City Council will be hosting and helping to organize tons of events – both small and large, across the city – in pubs, libraries, community centres, etc.- all in the name of sharing the joy of reading.



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