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You can now apply for the Atlantic Heritage City 2022 contest

You can now apply for the Atlantic Heritage City 2022 contest

Applicants must describe achievements and projects that contribute to sustainable development and reflect their city’s rich Atlantic heritage

On 29 March, the Atlantic Cities association announced the official launch of the European contest Atlantic Heritage City 2022. Now, all Atlantic Arc cities (except for previous winners of the competition) can participate in the contest for the chance to be recognised as the Atlantic Heritage City of 2022.

What are the criteria and how can you apply?

The ultimate purpose of this contest is to shed light on a city that makes significant contributions to sustainable development in ways that reflect its rich Atlantic heritage and identity. As such, to apply for this contest, Atlantic cities must fill out a form in which they cite achievements and projects which have resulted in sustainable and innovative development.

These applications will then be judged against the San Sebastian Charter which is one of the association’s founding texts. Furthermore, cities will also be assessed based on their aforementioned sustainable achievements and how well they relate to the Atlantic Arc.

According to a press release by the association, the emphasis on the importance of heritage is a key feature of the 2022 contest.


The winner will gain recognition as the "Atlantic Heritage City 2022" and they will be able to publicly showcase their innovative and sustainable projects. More importantly, it is worth noting that the city will be awarded more than just this prestigious title.

In addition to the title, the winner will receive a free, one-year subscription to the Atlantic Cities network. Furthermore, the association reports that it will also be awarded “technical assistance in European projects” and receive a “prominent position in communication”.  

Expanding on these rewards, the association points out that one of the contest’s former winners (Brest, France) was chosen to host the European Maritime Day 2023.

To fill out the form and apply for the Atlantic Heritage City 2022 contest, click here.



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