URBACT City Festival, Source: URBACT

You can now register to attend the URBACT City Festival 2021

You can now register to attend the URBACT City Festival 2021

The event will take place online on 15-17 June

Cities around the world often face similar challenges and obstacles. Moreover, they all strive to find innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions to these issues. It follows then that it is as a result of these solutions that we can grow and develop as cities and societies.

URBACT has identified that while cities may come up with innovative solutions, they seldom have a platform through which they can share them. As such, it is now inviting all those who are interested in urban transformation to attend the URBACT City Festival 2021 to celebrate cities together.

This year will mark the fourth edition of the URBACT City Festival and it will be the first time that the event takes place virtually. The festival will be held online on 15-17 June and it is open to city practitioners, decision-makers, academics, activists, and all urban enthusiasts.

What will the festival feature?

The festival will allow over 150 URBACT cities to share their ideas and explain how they have made a difference over the last two years. On its website, URBACT explains that cities from 25 countries will discuss how they applied 23 urban good practices which have previously proven to have made an impact.

Essentially, the URBACT City Festival 2021 will showcase “how cities can understand, adapt and re-use urban good practices”. Thus, the event’s attendees will be able to listen to city staff, learn about the challenges and issues which cities face today, and connect with like-minded peers.

Ultimately, the festival aims to encourage networking so as to inspire cities to try new ideas and work towards sustainable change.

If you are interested in attending the URBACT City Festival 2021, register online via Hopin.



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