This time around, you probably won't forget about Vilnius' anniversary, Source: Go Vilnius

You can send Vilnius a belated birthday e-card

You can send Vilnius a belated birthday e-card

The Lithuanian capital’s tourism office has created a cheeky campaign to remind us that it’s good to send greetings, and even if late, there won’t be hard feelings

You - yes, you - can now send a personal birthday greeting e-card to the City of Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania. And this time around you actually have the chance of doing it on time.

Vilnius is getting ready and excited to celebrate its 700th anniversary in January 2023. Apart from the usual slew of events and shows that one might expect from such a nice and round milestone, the city’s tourism office Go Vilnius has been busy crafting creative ways to get international attention and spread the good news.

The latest campaign, dubbed “Belated Birthday Greetings”, once again pokes fun at the fact that the Lithuanian capital is a fairly small and unknown destination on the global tourism map but that it is also one that has a thing or two up its sleeve in terms of surprises.

Humour is the most potent gift

You – once again you – might wonder why the campaign should bring attention to belated greetings if there are still three months until the birthday party. The catch here is that you, and probably everyone else, had forgotten to mark the occasion the previous 699 times, so now’s the chance to finally get it right. And also find out where Vilnius is located and even, why not, visit it in the process.

The promotional campaign consists of two humorous parts. One is a video (which you can see above) shot in the style of an early 1990s infomercial poking fun at the fact that Vilnius’ birthday always gets forgotten due to the fact that people don’t even know that the city existed.

The second part is more interactive and invites you to make it up for all those missed opportunities to wish ‘happy birthday’ by choosing a ready-made e-card or crafting your own. You have the chance to share the e-cards on your social media.

So, while we’re at it here’s an early “Happy Birthday to Vilnius!” from TheMayor.EU.



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