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You can visit Helsinki for free this summer and learn to be happy

You can visit Helsinki for free this summer and learn to be happy

Finns are now certified experts in the art of joy

Finland has topped the UN’s World Happiness report for six years in a row and the country has decided to turn this accolade into a promotional tool for its appeal as a tourist destination – something that the wider audience might still not be aware of.

That’s why, Visit Finland and Helsinki Partners, the organization charged with promoting the Nordic country on the global tourism market, have come up with the idea to offer a five-day happiness masterclass from 9 to 14 June, free of charge. What’s more, the entire trip will be paid for by the organizers, including hotel accommodation and the flights to and from Helsinki, where the masterclass will take place.

Apply for the five-day happiness masterclass

The happiness masterclass will be led by the Helsinki Happiness Hackers. The hackers in question are interesting and inspiring Helsinki residents, such as 70-year-old Lena Salmi, who enjoys moving through the city on a skateboard and taking invigorating wild swims in the Baltic Sea or outdoor pools.

You’ll also get to enjoy and learn about the specific food culture present in the Finnish capital, which involves communal grilling. You’ll also find out how connected Finns are to nature, which is never far away, by exploring the local forests.

Happiness can be found in moments of pure contentment you get when the setting is just right: on a bike ride in a forest with the perfect playlist on or enjoying a post-sauna sausage while cooling off on a beautiful summer evening. Most importantly, happiness hacks are skills that anyone can learn to boost their well-being,” comments Heli Jimenez, Senior Director of International Marketing at Business Finland, quoted by TTW.

So, if you want to kick off your summer in the happiest way possible – and the no-pay benefit certainly helps – make sure to apply by 4 April here. To be considered you will have to complete a social media challenge and fill in the form on the campaign page.



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