Best leave the speakers at home if going to suntan on a Portuguese beach, Source: Depositphotos

You may end up paying 4,000 euros if you play loud music on Portuguese beaches

You may end up paying 4,000 euros if you play loud music on Portuguese beaches

The country’s National Maritime Authority has issued a regulation on the use of loudspeakers

This summer, if you’re heading to a beach in Portugal, you are best advised to leave the sound system and speakers at home. This could possibly apply to playing music loud on any device for that matter.

The country’s National Maritime Authority (AMN), equivalent to the Coast Guard, has an ordinance which prohibits noise disturbances, although there is no specific definition of decibels.

According to CNN Portugal, which contacted the AMN for further information, fines may "vary between 200 and 4,000 euros for natural persons and between 2,000 and 36,000 euros for legal persons, as set out in the law, plus the apprehension of the object used in the committing of the infraction".

From noise pollution to ambient comfort

The new restrictions were confirmed just as the summer season is starting to heat peak tourist attendance and the attention of law enforcement turns to bringing orderliness in the areas that get crowded – among these, beaches are a priority.

The AMN’s beach edict lists various other activities that are forbidden on Portugal’s shores. These include playing ball games outside of designated areas, camping outside of campsites, and making fires.

Portugal’s southern Algarve region is the most popular destination for sun and sea bathing. In 2021, it attracted more than 2.7 million visitors, according to Statista. However, this is only half more than the pre-pandemic numbers of 5 million visitors in 2019.



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