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YouSafe unites citizens and authorities in Malta against Covid-19

YouSafe unites citizens and authorities in Malta against Covid-19

Each local council in Malta supports a Facebook page to keep its citizens informed

A new online channel conveys the latest official coronavirus-related information in Malta. Over the last few weeks, numerous official Facebook pages have sprung up to disseminate the most important and verified information on how to face the pandemic in Malta. This happens under the framework of YouSafe community support platform.

Community support in Malta

The YouSafe Page is a nation-wide Community Support Platform created in view of the fast developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta. It was established by the Local Council’s Association of Malta and the regional authorities.

It is linked to 68 Facebook groups, for each local council. The name of each group starts with “YouSafe” + the name of the locality. Each local group is managed and moderated independently by the respective Local Council team. Its aim is to serve as a space for the dissemination of official directives, notices etc.

Accordingly, all living in Malta are invited to follow YouSafe page and find their respective local support group.

Faster communication in times of crisis

The Platform will enable a team of over 500 people - from employees and executive secretaries to elected councillors and mayors - to keep in contact with their community at all times during the crisis. It wants to ensure that our elderly are not forgotten, that neighbours are safe, and that local communities stay in good health.

YouSafe wants to create a dialogue between the Council and its residents, to energise the business community, NGOs, civil society networks and individuals around particular ideas, initiatives and solutions, to support communities to help each other.

Furthermore, the platform aims to be a valuable tool to rebuild local systems and output while being careful not to allow the virus to re-emerge in the process. Finally, YouSafe wants to remain by the side of residents until the moment they can finally return to their normal lives.

Welcome message by the mayor of Qrendi

In a welcome message to citizens, Mayor of Qrendi David Michael Schembri· said: “The COVID-19 virus is affecting each and every one of us, our families, community, and nation in many different sectors, mainly as regards to one’s health and wellbeing. We are passing through Dramatic times that require Drastic measures in order to overcome this evil virus, measures helping as to protect ourselves as well as all of our loved ones and community. Drastic Measures that require huge sacrifices. It is only through a collective effort by one and all, that one can minimise the effect of the Corona Virus on our lives, and eventually help in its eradication.”

The mayor urged citizens to use the new online communication channels to get official medical directives and communication, advice and recommendations, to get involved in the discussion on “Best Practices”, and search for important information on our community’s Medical service, Pharmacies, food stores, delivery services, and spiritual service.

Mr Schembri also reminded citizens of the most important measures against the spread the coronavirus, namely to:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Not touch your face
  • Stay home whenever possible
  • Respect the instructions issued by official authorities
  • Take care of the elderly and vulnerable.



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