A sticky situation that uncontrolled littering can lead to

Youngster-led project keeps Norrköping clean

Youngster-led project keeps Norrköping clean

Spending the summer in a way that is not a waste

Swedish municipalities are known for their willingness to keep their young residents busy and productive during the summer break, as a way of fostering a disciplined mindset and empowering them to take action that will build upon the work of previous generations.

The latest example comes from Norrköping, where in the summer of 2020 a project called ‘Keep Norrköping Clean’ was launched by the city council as a way to give active young people a purpose and a good cause to follow. This year, the initiative has entered its second edition involving six more young people who had to develop measures for positive impact on littering.

Littering does not seem to be going out of style, so the fight against it should not either

Their biggest project has been to create short films together with Norrköping's basketball team - the Dolphins - to show the consequences of littering. The films are planned to be spread via social media and hope to help everyone take care of their rubbish together.

The young people have also worked in two groups on a number of small projects that strive to implant the idea that throwing away one’s rubbish in the designated spots can be a fun and easy exercise. On the one hand, they have painted waste bins in various colours in Vasaparken and Folkparken parks of the city, and on the other hand, they have marked out colourful footsteps that lead to the containers.

Together, they have also produced signs pointing towards the extra garbage bags that can be used when the bins are full. The signs are initially placed in two spots in Vasaparken.

Through the work with the Keep Norrköping Clean project, the holiday workers have been able to show off their creative sides and feel that they are involved in designing something that makes a difference. It is important work and through the project, we hope to contribute to a positive impact where everyone together takes care of their rubbish to create a nicer and safer Norrköping,” explained Ellen Franzén, who is the project manager.

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