zero waste map in Nowa Huta, Krakow, Source: City of Krakow

Zero waste map nudges residents of Nowa Huta towards a sustainable lifestyle

Zero waste map nudges residents of Nowa Huta towards a sustainable lifestyle

In this Krakowian district, it is easy to follow the three R’s of the environment

Respecting the reduce-reuse-recycle principle (referred to as the three R’s) is essential to leading a sustainable lifestyle. However, in big cities, with shops at every corner, it is pretty tempting to buy new things wrapped in plastic or to replace broken items instead of trying to repair or repurpose them.

On the other hand, for those who want to give zero-waste living a chance, it can prove quite challenging to find places where it is possible to get something repaired, to bring own food containers or shop local. Luckily, for Nowa Huta, this is about to change, thanks to the new zero-waste map installed on the city's Central Square.

Bringing sustainable services close to reach

Those who visit Nowa Huta, one of the most populous areas of Krakow, might discover the maps promoting points in the vicinity of Central Square, where zero-waste is the norm. The list includes vegetable shops, all kinds of rentals, repair points and second-hand shops.

What is more, each of them is within a 10-minute distance. The map is located at Aleja Róż, at the Central Square and at John Paul II.

The project #blisko (near from Polish) was created by a resident of Krakow and is supported by the Public Transport Authority. Its main objective is to reduce the generation of waste like plastic nets, food packaging, coffee cups, which end up in the trash only a few minutes after purchase. It is also an attempt to take up a global challenge - fighting climate change by reducing CO2 emissions or taking care of limited resources, according to the municipal website.

Psychologists agree that by removing obstacles and creating a visual representation of a goal, one makes it easier to change behaviour. Therefore, being able to see clearly the sustainable places on a map and discovering how easy it is to reach them, will certainly help residents of Nowa Huta make more environmentally friendly choices every day.



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