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Zorgparking helps healthcare professionals find parking spaces in Antwerp

Zorgparking helps healthcare professionals find parking spaces in Antwerp

Less time spent searching for a parking space means more time for saving lives

A special initiative in Antwerp aims to help healthcare professionals (HCPs) find parking spaces easier. In the situation of a global pandemic, every second of their time should be saved for meaningful work, instead of mundane tasks. Zorgparking, therefore, makes it possible for HCPs to spend less time searching where to park their cars and concentrate on caring for the sick.

Parking gets even harder due to the pandemic

Due to the measures against the spread of Covid-19, many people remain at home, hence there are a lot more vehicles parked for a longer period. This makes the situation particularly difficult for doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel arriving for a home visit.

Zorgparking aims to remedy this by enabling citizens to offer their parking space to the vehicles of HCPs. The Healthcare parking can be in front of a garage or a driveway and can be used for free by medical personnel for up to 45 minutes between 8 a.m. and midnight.

The initiative has been in operation for some time now in Antwerp, but the current coronavirus crisis has further exacerbated the parking space problem. That is why the municipality invites everyone living on its territory to join the collective efforts and offer the space in front of their own parking spot or driveway.

How you can help

Everyone willing to help can learn more and register via Upon registration, they will receive an official sticker which is to be placed on their garage door. It allows healthcare workers to easily know that it is safe to use the space while on a home visit.

If, on the contrary, you need to leave urgently and someone has parked in front of your garage, simply call the phone indicated behind the windshield of the car.

Visit the municipal website to learn more about this and other initiatives facilitating the work of medical professionals in the Belgian city.



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