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Ada Colau re-confirmed as Mayor of Barcelona

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  • June 18, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: City Council of Barcelona

Ada Colau (BComú) has been reconfirmed as the Mayor of Barcelona for another term of four years as of last Saturday 15th June 2019, when she received a majority of 21 votes. Colau, who is also the first female mayor of the Catalan capital, pleaded that she will work to the best of her abilities to serve the people and sustain a dialogue with all political groups within the City Council. What is more, she didn’t fail to send a feminist message, claiming that women were there to rule and be present in all spheres of power, “without asking for permission”.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Joaquim Forn who was a deputy mayor of the city and has been given permission to leave prison for the occasion. He has been held in Madrid over his adherence to the Catalan declaration of independence. He himself was one of the four candidates for the post of Mayor representing Junts per Catalunya. However, he received no support as his fellow party members went on to support Maragall who received 15 votes. Josep Bou was left with 2 votes and 3 bulletins were left blank.

The former Prime Minister of France and former mayor of Évry, Paris (2001-2012) Manuel Valls (PSC) remains a councillor, as he failed to win enough support and was quickly eliminated from the race for the mayoral post. 

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