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Amsterdam says goodbye to fireworks show on New Year’s Eve

Residents, entrepreneurs and event organizers are invited to suggest alternatives

  • October 11, 2019 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium amsterdam night

This year, Amsterdam wants a festive and safe New Year's Eve with less injuries, damages and nuisances to humans and animals resulting from fireworks. Hence, it was decided that in 2019 there will be no fireworks show at Kop van Java.

According to the local authorities, the majority of people in Amsterdam say they don't go to the fireworks show but prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve in their own neighbourhood instead. Research by the municipality of Amsterdam shows that 81% of Amsterdam residents want less nuisance from fireworks. What is more, they support a more active role of the municipality in the matter. This is why there will be no central fireworks show this year. On the contrary, local celebrations will be encouraged.

That residents, entrepreneurs and festival organizers are invited to launch ideas for celebrations in a new way. Suggestions for alternative celebrations, with more focused and less heavy fireworks are expected. And because a lot of fireworks nuisance comes from groups of young people during and prior to New Year's Eve, the municipality wants to talk to them about how the negative effects can be reduced.

The fireworks-free zones around hospitals and animal institutions will continue to exist. These may be expanded with other locations that are practically free of fireworks already.

The campaign for the fireworks free streets is coming back on 6th December. Information package on the New Year's Eve celebration can be requested by locals.

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