Dirk De fauw

Dirk De fauw is Mayor of Brugge since 1st January 2019. He was born on December 7, 1957. He grew up in the Doornstraat in Sint-Andries in a family of seven.  In 1981 he graduated from the Law Faculty of the KULeuven with distinction. He completed his internship at the desk at Meester Ducheyne and then gained years of practical experience in Meester Petitat's office. He is currently a partner in the law firm De fauw - Buelens - De fauw, located...


Renaat Landuyt

Renaat Landuyt was born on 28 January 1959. In 1982 he became a licentiate in law and has been an attorney since then. In 1991 he was first elected to the Belgian House of Representatives, where he served until 1999. From 1995 to 1999 Landuyt served as a quaestor of the House. He served as secretary of the parliamentary investigation into the Dutroux Affair.

After the general elections in 1999 Landuyt became minister of...