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Brussels adopts a Nightlife charter

Local and regional actors are joining forces to guarantee the balance between leisure and high life quality

  • May 26, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Bursting night life might well be beneficial to trade and the local economy, but it can certainly prove a huge challenge for those who live in areas frequented by tourists. As a highly popular tourist and business destination, Brussels is no exception. The capital of Belgium has more than 1800 restaurants, bars and discotheques and the management of all the trouble they are related to is no mean feat.

Here is why the City of Brussels in cooperation with Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone and night operators developed together the Nightlife charter. Taking in consideration the particularities of night life, the document defines a framework for activities during the night with regards to life quality in the neighbourhood, prevention and security of citizens, equilibrium between the needs of locals and the activities of the night establishments. Thus, the owners of the latter are invited to sign up to the charter and commit voluntarily to its principles. It is expected that the adhering to it will ultimately improve the image of the sector.

The 20-pages document sets up modalities for the prevention of risky behavior, discrimination, disturbing public order and defines the concrete measures undertaken by the administration of the City when it comes to informing, raising awareness and evaluating the effects of the document.

On the day the charter was inaugurated, Mayor Philippe Close emphasized the importance of the document both as a local action and in terms of cooperation with the Region. He explained that 15 establishments had already declared their support for the Charter. Want to join them? Follow the link for details.

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