Vojko Obersnel

Mayor of Rijeka is Vojko Obersnel. He was born in Rijeka in 1957. He holds a master’s degree in natural sciences and medicinal genetics. Until 1997 he worked at The Medical faculty in Rijeka. He has been a member of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia since 1990.  From 1997 to 2000 he served as the Head of City Department of Health and Social Welfare. From 2000 he has been the mayor of City of Rijeka and is presently serving his sixth mandate.

By introducing the new standards regarding the operation of the city administration, including the openness towards citizens and a manner of governing, Obersnel transformed Rijeka into the most transparent city in Croatia. All his mandates are marked by strong municipal social care program that protects numerous citizens. His current mandate is also marked by the extraordinarily successful use of EU funds, which are employed to fund big developmental projects in Rijeka. Obersnel served as the president of The Association of the Cities and Communes of the Republic of Croatia.  Currently, he is one of the vice-presidents of the European Committee of the Regions and a member of the Commission for the Environment, Climate change, and Energy, as well as of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget.  In 2009 Obersnel signed the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. He is a Member of the Managing Board of the International Association of Cities and Ports.

In 2003 Obersnel was conferred the Solidarity Star Order and Commendatory Honorifici title by the President of the Republic of Italy, for the promotion of friendship between Italy and Croatia. Experience and engagement in numerous national and international organizations provided Obersnel with the thorough knowledge of not only Croatian but general European social conditions and circumstances, as well as of the new developmental trends and processes in both Croatian and European politics. Accountability and passionate dedication to the development of Rijeka make him a successful mayor who respects his fellow citizens and hence enjoys most of the citizens’ trust.