Karolína Koubová

Karolína Koubová studied Theatre Management at JAMU. She has systematically developed her managerial skills with subsequent management training. She also gained international experience through a study in Finland at Mikkel University of Applied Sciences, with Business Management profile. Since 2009, she has devoted herself to the DIOD theatre, for which she has prepared a production plan and which since its opening in 2011 she led and successfully developed. In her spare time, Karolína devotes herself to her family, the De Facto Outside theatre ensemble, and the scarf acrobatic course.

Political experience Koubová has been gaining since 2014, when the Jihlava Forum had a historic success in the municipal elections and for the next two years it became part of Jihlava City Council. Her main objectives are professional, active and dynamic city management, the promotion of women in politics, support for families with children, and the helpful approach of the town hall to the citizens.