Andrea Pfeffer-Ferklová

Settlements and evidence of the area being populated as far back as the Bronze Age were discovered recently. Slavic tribes settled there later. Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, explored the lands in 1350 and established a spa centre near the site of a spring. The town has been under the influence of many tribes and conquerers during its hundreds-of-years-old history. After World War I, the area was populated by a large German-speaking group and the town was known as Carlsbad. After the war, the area became a part of Czechoslovakia and following the end of World War II, the German population was expelled and the town was renamed to Karlovy Vary. Today the town is a majot spa and recreational centre in central Europe. 

Karlovy Vary is a town in the region of Bohemia. It is situated at about 130 km west of Prague. In 2016, the population numbered nearly 50,000 persons. 

Karlovy Vary is a major spa center in the Bohemia region. The major branch of the town's economy is tourism due to the presence of 13 huge hot springs and several hundred smaller ones. In the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary is the most visited spa town.



Karlovy Vary is famous for its hot springs and attracts thousands of tourists. It is one of the most frequently visited spa centers in Czech Republic. The town also hosts the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.