EUDIGIT - European Digital Citizens

European Digital Citizens project (EUDIGIT) aims to support the fight against the digital divide currently suffered by many European citizens. The partnership involves the cities of Marseille, Genoa, Rotterdam, Cluj-Napoca, Hamburg-Altona and Varna and Euro Advance Association through its portal TheMayor.EU.


  • Strengthening EU citizenship and citizens awareness
  • Contributing to reduce the digital gap in cities
  • Co-building digital policies with citizens


  • 7 events
  • 30 workshops with civic society
  • Co-build policies with citizens and stakeholders in all partner cities


  • 5 e-books
  • A declaration for cooperation between partner cities
  • Digital participation surveys
  • Involvement of 520 people directly and 30 000 indirectly


May 2020 to March 2023


126,000 EUR



R2 - Read Twice

The European Commission recognises that disinformation poses major risks to European democracies and societies, and it needs to be addressed in order to preserve European values and freedoms. Considering this, it is crucial to teach people how to assess critically content, especially online, and make them more aware of the phenomenon of disinformation, how it can interfere with democracy and human rights.

In this respect, READ TWICE will counter disinformation and limit the spread of fake news by enhancing citizens` skills to assess critically information, identify vicious and harmful media content and distinguish between facts and opinions, thus improving their media literacy competences.

The project is funded by the European Union.

Contact us if you want to get involved: