Anne Hidalgo

Mayor of Paris is Anne Hidalgo. She was born in 1959 in San Fernando, Spain and became a citizen of France at the age of 14. She gained a degree in social work and then obtained a master's degree at Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, near the center of Paris. She was elected mayor of Paris in 2014. A major part of her development program is the improvement and protection of the environment. In 2016, she introduced the “Paris Breathes” initiative, which includes a ban on entering certain parts of the city on any motor vehicle every first Sunday of the month. On that day, all-electric buses, other electric vehicles, and the bike rental system are free. The infrastructure development plan also includes a 24-hour subway service, a ban on parking in certain areas and days, and the creation of new green areas.

In 2020 she was re-elected for a second term after the second round of the municipal elections. She received 96 out of 163 votes at the City Council's first meeting.

Presidential candidate in France's presidential elections in 2022.

Image: City of Paris