L-R: Franziska Giffey (SPD), Bettina Jarasch (Greens) and Katina Schubert (Die Linke), Source: The Green Party, Berlin on Facebook

Coalition negotiations finalised in Berlin: Here are the flagship projects

The new red-green-red coalition wants to redirect the city’s focus towards two main goals – fight against poverty and fight against climate change


Here are Europe's noisiest cities

Noise pollution can have a major impact on citizens’ health and be a cause of anything from hearing loss to cognitive impairment in children


Night trains are coming back to Europe

French Minister Delegate of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari used the re-launch of the night train route Paris-Vienna to announce even more rail connections within the whole of Europe


Towards circular food systems in Bonn

The recently published report Towards Circular Food Systems in Bonn shows that transitioning to a circular food system offers Bonn a way to achieve substantial waste prevention and to fulfill it’s long-term strategies of becoming a zero-waste city while also contributing to its aim to become climate-neutral by 2035


Banksy exhibition in Germany

A Banksy exhibition, planned for several cities, opened Friday in Mainz, Germany, with about 150 copies of his works