Maria Androutsou

The settlement that developed around the church of Agios Dimitrios was the original region of Brahami village during the interwar period.

The Brahami community was founded in 1925. In 1928 it was renamed Agios Dimitrios. In 1942 Agios Dimitrios along with Dafni, became a Municipality based in Dafni. In 1947, the settlement of Agios Dimitrios was detached from the Municipality of Dafni and became a separate municipality which included exclusively Brahami. In 1963, Agios Dimitrios was finally established as a Municipality, as it is today.

The Municipality of Agios Dimitrios is situated on the south side of Attiki, only 5 km from the city of Athens. Its size is 536.4 hectares and its population is around 71,000. The Municipality has a privately-owned mansion housing the Municipal Services and the Municipal Theater. There is also a Municipal Stadium, three indoor basketball courts, as well as several courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis and playgrounds in several areas. In the lush area of Rafina there is a privately-owned summer camp for kids. 

Agios Dimitrios can be easily accessed through various means of transport such as bus lines and the metro. The city of Agios Dimitrios owns 2 municipal bus lines which connect all the city areas including the three metro stations located in the district.

Over the last years, the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios has planned, implemented and realised:

  • Many infrastructure projects and measures that promote walkability, road safety, urban regeneration, inclusive mobility and traffic calming.
  • Many steps for social cohesion and public space for all were taken, including special measures and initiatives for a kids-friendly city, PRM and the unemployed/ low-income (e.g. the launch of 2 free bus lines).
  • Important actions have been taken in order to promote healthy life and nutrition (e.g. creation of urban gardens) and upgrade the urban environment (e.g. increase of the green spaces & regeneration projects).
  • A strong culture of public participation & engagement was built after series of activities and persistence to involve the citizens in all the projects of public interest.

Regarding EU-global matters, Agios Dimitrios has joined the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and participated in the European Charter for Equality of women and men in local life and committed in the UN Compact regarding Human rights.

The local economy is primarily based on crafting, manufacturing, small businesses and trade. The commercial activity is mainly concentrated along the major roads of the Municipality (Ag.Dimitriou, Papagou, Souliou, etc.). One of the largest shopping malls of Greece is also located in Agios Dimitrios.



  • Eleftherios Venizelos Park (Asyrmatos): a spacious park which contains a lot of green spaces and facilities which can be used for hosting events.
  • Pikrodafni Stream: a natural stream of great beauty, home to various kinds of trees, plants and small forest animals.
  • Stroggylo: a modern and innovative school building designed by a modernist architect of the 70s.
  • Community Gardens: small, urban farm fields distributed to unpriviledged citizens and situated in a low-income area of Agios Dimitrios.