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Hamburg updates its ambitious climate plans

The local government of Hamburg has agreed on a new package of measures aimed at protecting the environment

  • September 11, 2019 11:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Hamburg senate recently reconfirmed its commitments to the Paris Climate Protection Agreement through the adoption of an update of the city’s Climate Plan. At its core it entails the vision of reducing carbon emissions by 2030 by 55% compared to their 1990 levels. Additionally, it includes a wide range of different goals and measures aimed not only at tackling climate change but also at dealing with the already occurring and potential threats which it brings about.

For example, the city is especially threatened by rising sea levels and rainfall, as it is located at the waterfront. To mitigate any adverse effects, the city is dividing different responsibilities among different actors via strategies and measures. They will be presented to four sectors – trade, commerce and services; industry; transport; and private households.

Furthermore, as part of its commitments made through the signing of the Chicago Climate Charter in 2018, Hamburg has begun implementing a new range of policy and development measures, including the construction of underground suburban trains, operating on green energy.

These latest developments are only the most recent example of Hamburg’s progressive and effective approach towards tackling climate change. Through visionary and forward-thinking leadership, the city has become one of the leaders in green and sustainable policies in Germany.

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