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Hamburg with new E-car sharing service

This new project will cover the city’s outskirts

  • July 09, 2019 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Financed through the Hanseatic city’s climate protection funds, IBA Hamburg GmbH and the S+K car dealership in Neu Wulmstorf premiered their newest shared project. This brand new initiative aims to venture where no other E-car sharing service has gone before – toward the outskirts of the city. As of now, most similar services have been limiting their scope and functionality within the confines of the cities’ centres. This project, however, is different.

Four new electric cars will be available for booking through an app and will be situated within the Vogelkamp Neugraben and Fischbeker Heidbrook construction areas. What’s special about these vehicles is that they have a maximum range of up to 250 kms, allowing them to travel further and can thus be spread around more freely. IBA has planned for parking services to be available around public transport stations. They have also further stated that their vehicles are perfect for short trips and excursions outside of the city proper.

The local government of Hamburg is hard at work at expanding its many sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives outside of the city centre, towards more remote parts of the area. Up next for a range expansion are the city’s ride-sharing service, its e-bus fleet as well as the recently-introduced electric scooters.

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