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Idrija, Slovenia, invests in electric bikes scheme

The town wants to promote sustainable mobility and to help locals stop using cars

  • September 05, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Slovenian town of Idrija has begun construction of electric bike charging stations throughout the city after securing an investment totalling 316,000 euros. The money will be allocated not only towards the construction of the stations but also towards the purchase of 34 electric bicycles which will make up the bulk of Idrija’s e-bike sharing scheme. The local government is also hard at work at developing the rental system through which people will be able to pay for the use of the bikes.

The goal of the local administration is to develop the concept of sustainable mobility in the town and through the steady phasing out of cars to improve the air quality in the urban area. Furthermore, the introduction of the e-bike sharing scheme will alleviate traffic congestions and will lead to the prevention of traffic jams.

Electric bike sharing schemes are growing more and more popular in Slovenia. Idrija is following in the footsteps of other cities like Kranj, Kamnik and Ljubljana. The construction of the stations is expected to be complete by May 2020, although a delay is possible until September of the same year.

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