Davide Santonastaso

Davide Santonastasso was elected mayor of Fiano Romano at the age of 38. He represented the civic platform 'Fiano2030' and was supported by ex-mayor Ottorino Ferrili.

He entered local politics at the age of 23. During mayor Ferrili's term, he served as Deputy Mayor.

In the meantime, he also graduated in Legal Sciences at the University of Roma Tre and started working first in a job training agency for the Lazio Region. He has gained other experience through work with...


Ottorino Ferilli

The Mayor of Fiano Romano is Ottorino Ferilli. He was born in Rome on 4 November 1975 and has always lived in Fiano Romano.

His political commitment soon matured in the dynamic context of the municipal elections in 2006, when he ran as part of the centre-left DS party of Fiano Romano. Until June 2008, he managed the Department of Public Education, carrying out important projects.