Peter dei Conti Sant Manduca

The mayor of Mdina is Mr. Peter dei Conti Sant Manduca. He was born in 1966 in St.Julians and later he moved to Mdina. Mr. Sant-Manduca has been holding the position mayor of Mdina since 2003. Before that he was the Managing Director of San Pedro International Ltd., Mdina Bastions Ltd. and Mdina Holdings Ltd.

The mayor is focused on the restoration processes and the preservation of the city. Another priority of Mr. Sant Manduca is developing the tourism sector (Mdina is the second most popular locality to be visited by tourists with more than 70% touring the city during their holiday in Malta).

Mdina is one of the safest districts in Malta and the mayor is willing to keep it that way. To ensure the security of both residents and visitors, the Mdina Local Council invested in a project for a closed circuit camera system. Another initiative of the mayor is to keep Mdina clean and safe, so there are no cars allowed in Mdina.