Michel Bezuijen

Michel Bezuijen has been mayor of Rijswijk since 2013.

Michel Bezuijen studied Public Administration at Leiden University. He focused on security and crisis decision-making.

Later, he joined the Crisis Research Team (Crisis Onderzoek Team, COT) of Leiden University. After COT, Michel Bezuijen worked at the Municipality of Amsterdam as head of the operational team, responsible for everything related to crises, disasters, events and public order and events.

Bezuijen started his administrative career as councillor and first deputy mayor of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. In 2013 he became mayor of the municipality of Rijswijk.

In March 2019, the city council of Rijswijk nominated him for a second term as mayor. On June 18, 2020, Bezuijen’s nomination by the Zoetermeer city council was finalized. He is scheduled to be appointed on 1 October 2020.