Peter den Oudsten

On July 1, 2020, Peter den Oudsten was sworn in as acting mayor of Utrecht. He will remain on until a new mayor is appointed by the King.

Prior to becoming Mayor of Utrecht, Peter den Oudsten (born on 24 October 1951) was the Mayor of Meppel (2001-2005), Enschede (2005-2015) and Groningen (2015-2019). Between June 1998 and March 1999 he was also the acting Mayor of Leeuwarden.

Before entering civil service, Mr Den Oudsten gained experienced in the corporate world as Head of Internal and External Relations at Provincial Energy Company Friesland (1984 – 1991) and Head of Corporate Communications for Royal Friesland Food (1991-1997).

He is also the First Vice-Chairman of the Utrecht Safety Region board, Member of the Winter-Heijnsius Foundation board, and Superintendent at Het Evert Zoudenbalch Huis (a social services organisation based in Utrecht).