Rafał Zając

Rafał Zając was Born in 1975. He studied law at the Szczecin University and completed his graduate studies in social assistance management and social work at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

He has been working in the Stargard City Hall since 1999 when he started as a junior clerk. In 2001 Zajac became the head of the Social Policy Department.

In 2006 Zajac was appointed to the position of Deputy Mayor by Mr. Sławomir Payor, Mayor of Stargard at the time, and for 8 years he was responsible for social policy. Later in 2014 he took over municipal services and the local budget.

In April 2017, due to the death of the incumbent mayor, he participated in byelections where he was chosen over two other candidates. In the 2018 local elections, he received 82.38% of votes thus winning in the first round.