José Maria da Cunha Costa

José Maria Cunha Costa, 56, graduated in Chemical Engineering;

Superior Frame of the Naval Shipyards of Viana do Castelo between 1986 and 1994;

Deputy of the mayor of Viana do Castelo between 1994 and 1997;

Councilor of the Municipal Council of Viana do Castelo between 1998 and 2009 with the Environment, Development of Parishes, Social Area and Economic Development;

Mayor of Viana Castelo from 2009-2013, 2013-2017 and 2017-2021;

President of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Network of Healthy Cities;

President of the Atlantic Axis;

President of the Conference of Atlantic Cities;

President RIETE - Iberian Network of Transborder Entities, on 15 October 2013;

President of CIM - Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho, in October 2013;

Member of the Committee of the Regions of the EU, in the 2013-2018 mandate.