Nicușor Dan

The Mayor of Bucharest is Nicușor Dan. He was born on 20 December 1969 in Făgăraș, Brașov County.

He attended the Radu Negru High School in his native city. He won the first prize in the International Mathematical Olympiads of 1987 and 1988 with perfect scores. Mr Dan moved to Bucharest at the age of 18 and began studying mathematics at the University of Bucharest. 

In 1992, he moved to France to continue studying and in 1998 he graduated with a PhD in mathematics. 

Returning to Romania, Nicușor Dan founded the Save Bucharest Association, aiming to stop the construction of high-rise buildings in the Romanian capital and the deforestation of parks while also fighting to prevent the demolition of architectural heritage. 

In 2012 he ran for Bucharest's mayoral office as an independent candidate. In 2015, he founded and registered a new political party - Save Bucharest Union (USB). At the local elections in 2016, Dan and Save Bucharest Union managed to place second after Gabriela Firea. 

Nicușor Dan won the race for Bucharest on his third attempt being elected mayor on 27 September 2020.