Nicolae Barbu

 Mayor of Giurgiu since 2012 is Nicolae Barbu. He was born in 1966. Married and father of two children.

Barbu has a university education in accountancy and finance. Following graduation he started work as Loan Officer at the Romanian Bank of Investment and afterwards started his own business.

Mr. Nicolae Barbu was the president of “Danubius” Rotary Club, Chief of Romanian Employers (Giurgiu Subsidiary), President of the Local organization of the Social Democratic Party and one of the most important local foundations for social solidarity.

Nicolae Barbu was a town councilor until 2012, when he became a mayor for the first time as an independent candidate. In 2016 he was re-elected from the list of the social democrats. 

As a mayor he has developed and overseen a lot of local, national and European projects.