Jozef Dvonč

The mayor of Nitra is Mr. Jozef Dvonč. He was born in 1954. Before becoming the mayor of Nitra, Mr. Jozef Dvonč was the Head of Unit of the Regional Office in Nitra. The preservation of the oldest Slovakian city is a top priority for him. Last year the Amphitheatre of Agrokomplex National Exhibition Centre was reopened after 10 years. The mayor puts a lot of efforts in popularizing the city on the European map for investors. A proof of the good work done is the settlement of the British car production company Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra choosing the city for a seat of a new car production plant. In June 2017, Nitra was awarded a certificate of the Smart Leader among Slovak Cities. The city was awarded for taking an innovative approach to intelligent solutions. The city plans to gradually introduce intelligent public transport, which will be truly environmentally friendly. The living standards of the population should also be increased by the modernization of public lighting as well as the modernization of waste management.