Marko Funkl

Mayor of Hrastnik is Marko Funkl. He began his involvement in local projects as a president of a local students' club, firstly through music festivals and a few years later he started working on an initiative for a youth center and a slate of different projects for preserving cultural heritage and city development. With a group of young people, he started a gastronomy festival Funšterc and a second-hand book shop, where different events are organized by activists, experts, literates and others. Funkl started entered local politics in 2010 and became a part of the city council. He was elected mayor in 2018 as one of the youngest Slovenian mayors.

Since his student years he has worked in Ljubljana as a self-employed person and after his first experiences with the labour market, he started to fight against precarity and for decent work. With some other activists he has built an organization called Movement for decent work and welfare society, which has already been active for 10 years and has made some big projects in the field of precarious work. With some enthusiastic activists they opened one of the first trade unions for precarious work in Europe and also established the first Slovenian cooperative for translators. Recently he has also joined the Institute for economic democracy. He has studied philosophy and Russian language.