Ángeles Muñoz Uriol

Ángeles Muñoz was born in Córdoba and raised in Marbella. She is married and has two sons.

She has doctor’s degree from the University of Córdoba. She is currently on a leave for public office from the Hospital Carlos de Haya.

Since 1998, she has been president of the Popular Party of Marbella and San Pedro. In the general elections of March 2000, she was elected deputy to the Congress, serving as the spokesperson for Social Affairs and Migration Policy. Three years later she was elected councilor of the City of Marbella, after her decision to abandon her responsibilities in the national leadership of the party to focus on her work as municipal spokesperson of the Popular Group in the municipality of Marbella.

In 2004 she was re-elected as a deputy to Congress from the district of Malaga. Later, in 2007, 2011 and 2019 Ángeles was re-elected as mayor of Marbella for the fourth time. Currently she also holds the presidency of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate.