Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores

He was born in Vilalonga, Sanxenxo, in 1954, and is the older of two brothers. He is currently married and has 4 children. Mr Fernández Lores graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Compostela, after completing high school in Pontevedra. He was doing an internship at the Provincial Hospital while working in the Raxó rafts. Later he was appointed as a doctor in Mosteiro - Pol (Lugo), where he spent three years. Once incorporated into Social Security, he was assigned to Samos (Lugo), where he made his political debut as a Galician National Block (BNG) councillor, a position he held for a year until he could return to Pontevedra, where he found a place at the Virgen Peregrina Outpatient Clinic.

He was elected as a councillor in Pontevedra in 1987, as the only representative from the BNG. Since then, his supporters have risen in number until 1999, the year in which he was proclaimed mayor after obtaining the support of 10 councillors. His first and fifth terms he led minority governments. The second, the third, the fourth and the current terms, he has governed with the support of the Socialist Party.