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A phone notification could save lives by warning pedestrians of red traffic light

The new mobile app in Turin will be particularly helpful to visually impaired people
  • Samstag, 26. Januar 2019, 16:49 Uhr
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium traffic light
Quelle: Pixabay

Turin traffic lights can now be connected with your smartphones. The new feature is introduced with the objective of warning distracted pedestrians, who fail to notice the red light and try cross the roads incorrectly. A new technology that makes traffic signals and road users communicate with each other, pedestrians or vehicles. For example, it helps the visually impaired people but also serves to prevent the distracted pedestrians who pass through while looking at the phone. A light will appear on the mobile phone, a vocal signal and a vibration are also provided.

This is the first of the innovations that the Municipality of Turin has decided to experiment with. It is part of the initiative called Torino City Lab and aims to attract companies willing to try their technology in the city. The Municipality offers facilities, from the processing of paperwork to finding partners, from access to data such as transport flows or consumption.

Source: Turin Municipality