A new vertical forest is in the works for Milan

A new vertical forest is in the works for Milan

The innovative fusion architecture has become a modern landmark for the Italian city

At the end of January, the architectural firm of Stefano Boeri Architetti together with Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) were awarded the project for the redevelopment of Via Pirelli 39 in the area of Porta Nuova Gioia, Milano. These architects are known for bringing the vertical forest concept to skyscraper designs, an innovative approach combining a sleek modern look with the greenery of nature.

The overall project consists of three parts. One will concern the upgrading of the existing tall building, which used to serve as the headquarters of the Municipal Technical Offices of the northern Italian city. The second part is the actual construction of the vertical forest skyscraper as a companion, and the whole complex will be finished off with the placing of an extension to the Biblioteca degli Alberi (a library), called a bridge building, which is previewed to act as an interactive, immersive educational space.

The winning project will consist of mixed-use spaces

The existing site at Via Pirelli 39 was decommissioned by the Municipality back in 2015. Its strategic location, however, provides an ample opportunity for developers.

First of all, an upgrade is considered sorely needed, since the 26-story building there, built in 1966, has suffered structural degradation plus it does not conform to modern anti-seismic and sustainability standards.

The new tower, which will rise to the side of the existing building, will combine architecture and nature which will result not only in aesthetic appeal but also in environmental benefits. 1700 square metres of vegetation will be distributed among the floors equaling the oxygen-producing effect of a 10 000-square metres forest.

The skyscraper will also be equipped with photovoltaic panels with the result that it will be able to cover 65% of its energy needs. Modern design does not mean the exclusive use of concrete, steel and glass. In fact, wood will also feature prominently as a material with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the building overall.

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