Espoo’s Employment Centre celebrates a year of success

Espoo’s Employment Centre celebrates a year of success

The institution helps bring citizens and employers together and provides better opportunities

One of the city of Espoo’s most successful projects, the Espoo Employment Corner, has gotten itself a new permanent location at the Iso Omena Service Centre. The Centre is a joint project by the cities of Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki, as well as the Uusimaa TE Office and aims provide citizens with access to all the services they might require – all in a single space.

Providing citizens and employers with opportunities

Experts working at the Espoo Employment Centre are engaged with helping residents – to prepare their CVs, to prepare them for interviews, to give advice on job hunts and to discuss various training opportunities.

Last year the Employment Corner greeted over 2000 people looking for assistance on their job hunts. The initiative’s unprecedented success led to the decision of local authorities to give the Employment corner a permanent office and location at the Iso Omena Service Centre.

The services at the Employment Corner are specifically aimed at individuals over the age of 30. Visitors will be serviced in Finnish, Swedish and English and will be given invaluable advice and thoughts on their next steps in their job-hunt. Meanwhile, citizens under 30 who are looking for a job, can visit the Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre – which is situated right next door.

“This service meets the real needs of the local residents. We help our clients with their CVs and other documents needed for job-seeking. We give tips on how to find a job through social media. We also give advice on training, education and career changes. In fact, our services cover almost everything except official matters that are the responsibility of various authorities,” states Service Supervisor Sanna-Maria Paloahde from the City of Espoo’s Employment Services in a press release provided by local authorities.

Come spring, the Employment Centre will begin making popup visits to other various locations, with the goal of making its services more widely accessible. Thanks to the efforts of the experts at the Espoo Employment Corner, more and more people are finding it easier to discover new opportunities.

If you're interested in finding new opportunities, be sure to visit Espoo's Employment Corner, open between Monday and Thursday, from 10 AM to 15 PM. 





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