Helsinki Expo Centre stands ready to assist hospitals during the pandemic

Helsinki Expo Centre stands ready to assist hospitals during the pandemic

The venue’s 50,000 square metres have been offered to be made available to hospitals in case they are needed

With public life in Finland temporarily suspended, many large venues like malls and centres have been left empty and deserted. But that does not mean that they can’t be useful – or at least that’s what the managers of the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre seem to believe.

Countries are frantically attempting to “flatten the curve” and prevent their hospitals and healthcare systems from being overwhelmed by a sudden influx of new coronavirus cases. And while the measures taken by their government might be effective for the time being, nothing is certain in the long term.

That is why authorities around the world are looking towards expanding the means of hospitals and their supplies by any means necessary.

Private companies providing aid for the public good

Over the last month, many companies across Europe have switched their production lines to the creation of items that are of the absolute necessity – like protective face masks and disinfectants. Other companies, however, have been offering their services in alternative ways.

In Helsinki, for example, the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre has offered its enormous 50,000 square metre space to be used as an emergency COVID-19 treatment facility by local hospitals should the need arise.

As of right now, no affirmative answer has been given by healthcare authorities, supposedly because there is no need, as the Finnish healthcare system is not yet overwhelmed. But they have stated that should the need arise and should conditions deteriorate, the quick setting up of emergency treatment centres will be needed – and the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre might be the perfect venue for such a facility, as it is equipped with everything that is necessary – heating, electricity and stable internet connection.

As of right now, however, Finnish healthcare professionals are busy weighing the costs and benefits of many other venues that might be subjected to emergency conversion, should things escalate.



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