Kozjansko Park Nature Interpretation Centre opens after renovation

Kozjansko Park Nature Interpretation Centre opens after renovation

The Kozjansko and Obsotelje biosphere reserve in Slovenia is part of an international network under the auspices of UNESCO

The revamped Nature Interpretation Centre of the Kozjansko Park and the Kozjansko & Obsotelje Biosphere Reserve was inaugurated at Podsreda Castle today. The opening was attended by Anton Harej, State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, reports STA.

The renovation of the visitor centre located in an outbuilding of the 18th century castle began last February. The total value of the project is EUR 141,810, of which almost EUR 100,000 are European grants. 

One of the most important conservation areas

The Kozjansko and Obsotelje Biosphere Reserve has been part of the international network of protected areas within the Man and Biosphere programme (MAB) under the auspices of UNESCO since 2010. The territory of the biosphere reserve is one of the most important nature conservation areas in Slovenia in terms of biodiversity.

Bounded by the Savinja and Sotla rivers, the reserve is a colourful crossbreed of Alpine and Pannonian nature, resulting in a breathtaking landscape. Hills, ravines, gorges, rock formations, karst caves and abysses, waterfalls, springs, and meadows form a unique environment populated by exceptional plant and animal species.

A bird census conducted earlier this year in the Kozjansko Park area found a substantial increase in bird pairs and nesting bird species compared to the years before the area was declared a biosphere reserve.

“Slovenia’s most castle-like castle”

The Romanesque-style Podsreda castle, dubbed “Slovenia’s most castle-like castle”, is also unique for being one of just 4 preserved castles in the Kozjansko and Obsotelje regions and among the two (alongside Olimje Castle) that have been given a new lease of life. In the past 30 years Podsreda castle has become a spot for numerous cultural, educational, social and tourist events.

Podsreda castle is a monument of local importance, owned by the Kozje Municipality and administered by the Kozjansko Park Public Institute.



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