Palermo bike lane set to receive 600 thousand euros

Palermo bike lane set to receive 600 thousand euros

Thanks to being declared ‘Best soft mobility project in Italy’

Yesterday, 11 January, the municipal website of the Sicilian city of Palermo was proud to announce that its Palermo cycling route (Ciclovia di Palermo) was declared the ‘Best soft mobility project in Italy’ by the national Ministry of the Environment. More than the bragging rights for achieving the maximum score, this will also result in a solid financial subsidy to the amount of 600 000 euros. These funds will be added to the 400 000 euros already invested in by the local administration and AMAT (the Palermo public transport operator).

The Municipality plans to invest the award into improving the safety of the infrastructure

The authorities, however, are not letting the distinction go to their heads and immediately declared that there is more work to be done to make the cycling lane become even better.

Another prestigious recognition arrives in Palermo, for our choice of soft and sustainable mobility. A recognition that confirms the quality of the work carried out and that will now allow us to further improve this important cycling crossing axis of the city,” said Leoluca Orlando, the Mayor of Palermo.

The cycling lane in question is the one that connects Praga and Dante streets, providing an important link between the northern parts of the city and the downtown area. As for the improvements, officials believe more can be done in terms of boosting the safety of the infrastructure.

It is planned to add 4 parking stations for the local BiciPA bike-sharing service, each of which will count with spaces for 12 bicycles, plus 23 racks for private bikes for a total of 184 spaces.

Furthermore, a video-surveillance system will be installed with 11 distinct points, 3 of which will be set on stations equipped with photovoltaic power supply. 1300 LED solar street markers will be placed on the lanes to illuminate its limits and road intersections at night. 16 tire inflating stations will also be distributed along the way.

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