Prague mobilizes Taiwan robots at local schools

Prague mobilizes Taiwan robots at local schools

As a part of a long-lasting partnership with its sister Taipei

The two-decades-old collaboration between Prague and Taipei is once again bearing fruit, this time in the field of education. Thanks to cooperation with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, the Czech capital will receive technological aid in the form of educational robots.

At first, they will help with education in two local schools. At a later stage, the cooperation should expand to include digitization, innovation in education and awareness of climate change.

Prague schools prepare for the challenges of industry 4.0

As a pilot phase of the cooperation between the two cities, the lower grades of the grammar school in Čakovice and the Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering in Ječná, will use Taiwanese robots for learning.

In the first case, the received robotic arms will help students prepare for the dynamic development of society in an interactive way. The high school will use them in teaching computer science and for practical tasks, such as building a model of a house or production line or for robotic chemistry.

In the second case, spectrum analysers will be used for teaching electrical measurement, electronics and automation.

"At the beginning of 2020, we raised the partnership that Prague has had with Taipei since 2001 to the level of sister cities and thus deepened cooperation with Taiwan. I appreciate that our cooperation is based on mutual respect and reciprocity and is constantly bearing fruit. These school supplies are another concrete and practical result of this inspiring collaboration. Robots for Prague schools are only the first tasting in this area, and will be followed by other projects that we are currently discussing,” says the mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib.

Prague councillors are formulating specific areas of Prague-Taiwan cooperation in the field of education, together with Prague Innovation Institute. In addition to material equipment of schools, they plan joint projects and student activities like the joint organization of scientific competitions.

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