Six schools in Burgas open innovative technology centres

Six schools in Burgas open innovative technology centres

This Bulgarian municipality prepares its kids for the professions of the future

Six Burgas schools will receive funds for the opening of innovative technology centres and specialized offices for practical training of children - this was announced by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov on Facebook earlier today. The so-called STEM centres will have modern design and furniture, as well as specialized equipment.

Burgas prepares the professionals of the future

Six Burgas schools will acquire STEM centres (STEM being an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, mathematics). In addition to renovated design and modern equipment, the new laboratories and classrooms will work with educational content, adapted to the interests and ages characteristics of the students, with an emphasis on their creativity and practical skills.

The "Alexander Georgiev - Kodzhakafaliyata" Primary School, for example, will inaugurate a Centre for Space Research, related to the study of the newest school subject. It will be possible for students to attend a simulation of research and engineering processes in the high-tech industries and learn about the professions of the future.

The centre will be composed of two thematic laboratories, united by the so-called Cosmodrome - a space for sharing the results of student projects. The European Space Education Resources Office of the United Kingdom (ESERO-UK) will be the main partner in the project.

The Burgas Commercе High School will open a Centre for Digital Creators, where natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies will be integrated to create viable projects. The centre will help students to create digital content based on the studied topics, to express themselves and to make presentations.

A similar centre is also planned for the "Vasil Levski" Primary School in the town of Balgarovo. A computer room with a 3D printer will be placed here, through which students will learn how to build 3D models and projects.

A Centre for Technologies in the Creative Industries will open at the Elin Pelin Primary School. It will consist of a presentational skills room with interactive tables and tablets, a debate area, recreation areas and a digital and video editing studio. The centre will be used for applied projects and simulations, case studies, training in a digital environment, as well as experimental work.

At the "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov” High School a Centre for Natural Sciences and Technologies will be established, where mathematics, physics and biology will be taught using modern methods. Also, there will be separate space for independent work, presentations, experimentation and observation.

Finally, the Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation will set up a game development lab where students will develop their own computer programming skills. In addition, the project envisages the development of educational games for children with special needs. These games will be provided to kindergartens and schools that need them.

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