St Anastasia island in Burgas accepts visitors from 1 May

St Anastasia island in Burgas accepts visitors from 1 May

You can book an overnight stay at a former monastery cell

St. Anastasia Island (Ostrov Sveta Anastasia in Bulgarian) awaits its first visitors for the year starting this weekend. Those most eager to visit the island will be able to do so on 1 May ( the Saturday before the Orthodox Easter), announced the municipality on its website this week.

Bookings are also accepted for personal or corporate events - weddings, baptisms, birthdays, team buildings. The access from the dock to the buildings has been improved, and in the renovated restaurant you will be able to try delicious fish specialities according to island recipes, promise tourist authorities.

Saint Anastasia – a romantic weekend escape that tastes like adventure

The "Anastasia" ship departing from the port of Burgas will perform three courses a day - 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00. The reception, the dispatch of the passengers, the stay on board the ship "Anastasia" and on the island will be carried out in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, reassure authorities. With this regard, those wishing to travel to St. Anastasia must make a reservation in advance.

Reservations are accepted every day at +358882004124 or by e-mail It is highly recommended to call before arrival to make sure that the weather conditions allow for the ship to disembark.

The trip must be booked no later than 17:00 hours the day before. Tickets can be purchased at the counter from the Tourist Information Centre.

The price (until 31 May) for adults is 12 BGN (6 euros), while children up to 3 years of age and persons with disabilities are exempt from payment. There are discounts for students, pensioners, children and groups.

Saint Anastasia is located in Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is the only accessible and inhabited island in Bulgaria, as the tourist portal Go to Burgas informs.  The island also hosts a church – “Ascension”, which is part of the monastery that once existed there.

Said monastery was turned into a prison in 1923, hosting communist activists. Today, cells of the medieval monastery can be rent for an overnight stay.

Visit the website of the destination for more information or check out the video gallery to get a glimpse of this magical piece of land guarded by the warm waters of Burgas.



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