Tallinn 2035 development strategy hinges on green thinking

Tallinn 2035 development strategy hinges on green thinking

The document has been created with the invaluable participation of 5000 residents

Green city with citizen-friendly urban space and caring people who lead a healthy life. This is what Tallinn will look like in the years leading to 2035 according to the Estonian capital’s new development strategy, drafted by the city government in cooperation with 5 000 citizens.

Unveiling the strategy, Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart stressed that it is based on a shift to green thinking and will become a roadmap for decisions that impact the city's short- and long-term developments. „Our mission is to design Tallinn in a way that it would be the best possible home for our citizens, attractive destination for tourists and a good starting point for those who begin their journey from here. We also have a goal to be one of the leaders of the green mindset in Estonia: the economy and a way of life here will improve our well-being and inspire others,” said Kõlvart, quoted by the city website.

Focus on values and green mindset

Instead of focusing on particular developments such as street and park renovations, the strategy concentrates on values and change of the mindset, which will help Tallinn residents to reach their goals within the next 15 years. There are six areas that the strategy targets: urban space, community, green revolution, world city, proximity to home, and healthy and mobile lifestyle.

„Based on the milestones marked in the development strategy, we are also creating many exciting urban spatial developments – for example constructing the largest park in Estonia – Tondiraba, building a pollinator highway, we will realize the tram connection between the port and the city centre and also the Rävala transport corridor. The goals of the development strategy are realistically achievable and will help to increase Tallinn's competitiveness as a living and business environment, with the principles of sustainability and climate friendliness kept in mind,” added the Mayor.

The six main goals of Tallinn 2035 development strategy contain specific sub-objectives, such as designing a citizen friendly urban area, opening the city to the sea, connecting the green networks; stimulating smart economy, value learning, science and innovation; supporting healthy lifestyle, elevating  urban mobility to a new level; developing circular economy, supporting biodiversity in the city; preserving the cultural heritage; enhancing safe and citizen friendly environment, consideration of each other and strong civil society.

Citizens’ involvement

5 000 Tallinn residents have taken part in the four stages of the strategy’s drafting process, sharing their ideas, evaluating the intermediate options of the development strategy, participating in workshops, answering questionnaires, etc. Tallinn 2035 development strategy will be soon subject to discussion by the City Council and, once adopted, will become a roadmap for the city organization.



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