The Region of Marche in Italy sees film production as the way to recovery

The Region of Marche in Italy sees film production as the way to recovery

This became clear after a meeting between officials and producers there

The Italian film industry is famous for having created some iconic masterpieces, which in consequence have served for creating a certain unique and appealing image of the country. This fact was recognized at a recent online meeting on 21 January between the Culture Councilor of the Region of Marche Giorgia Latini and representatives from the local film industry.

Mrs Latini expressed a wish for the creation of a strategy for the economic recovery of the region, which also includes recovery of the cultural sector and particularly the film industry, which can play an important part of this.

Films are one of the most important cultural products of our age

Councilor Latini told the film industry reps that together with other regions her administration has already made requests to the national Government for the reopening of the industry compliant with the various safety protocols, emphasizing the importance that it holds for other aspects, such as employment or tourism that are central to the Italian economy.

We are aware of the enormous difficulties that the film industry is also facing and the meeting was useful to examine together the various possibilities of intervention, in light of the economic consequences that the health emergency and the consequent restrictions have determined,“ said the Councilor.

It was a first meeting to build the foundations for growth and development of the sector as it has already happened for live entertainment. We want to create a team capable of coordinating and working in synergy in constant dialogue for the purpose of a greater planning and a regional law dedicated to the sector”.

She explained that she envisaged a strategic role for the Marche Film Commission Foundation as part of the team that she had referred to. Mrs Latini also assured the production companies that her administration will find the money necessary to support this effort by combining efforts with other regions in order to gain a stronger collective stance in front of the European funds.

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